AED ZOLL and Its Role During a Code Blue

AED ZOLL or HEARTSINE, or what others know as an automated external defibrillator, can be seen during dramatic scenes in TV or in the movies where someone is clearly dying. However, they are not only for the screen. They are actually quite serious in real life, where the defibrillator can be the hero which helps hearts start beating again.

These scenes are what people in the medical field call “code blue”.

What is it and how can the AED help? Let us find out.

All About the Code Blue

When someone’s heart stops or oxygen is not being delivered to vital organs in the body, he may be experiencing cardiac or respiratory arrest. This is when the nurse or doctor calls code blue. And they will attempt to revive the patient, sometimes using an AED HEARTSINE, and keep his vital signs stable.

Basically, a code blue is a code that hospitals use during emergency situations where a patient is suffering an arrest and requires immediate medical intervention. And it can be a chaotic situation, which is scary for many people, especially the patient’s family.

Calling code blue requires proper assessment and critical thinking. And the actions that ensue require even more skills and training.

Here’s what happens during this situation.

  • When a code blue is called, medical professionals will immediately rush into the patient’s room and start life-saving interventions.
  • CPR is started and other members of the team assist with the process.
  • An anesthesia breathing bag may be placed on the patient to deliver oxygen.
  • If the patient fails to respond, intubation will be initiated to establish an effective airway.
  • The patient can be shocked with an AED if his heart is in a shockable rhythm.
  • Medications such as naloxone and atropine are also usually administered.
  • The code ends when the patient is resuscitated or when the doctor declares him dead.

The AED has an important role during a code blue. While it is not always needed or appropriate during such emergencies, it can definitely give the jolt that lets the heart start beating again when it needs to.

And because of its crucial role, the AED should always be kept clean as it can be used at any time. This goes the same for all other emergency supplies and devices, which makes having a portable cleaning machine like the steam sterilizer autoclave essential in any medical facility.

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