The Advent of Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies like Capillary Tube and Others

Drones are flying visions of the ever improving technology all over the world, more so in Africa where they have become delivery systems of live saving devices such as blood units, capillary tube and syringes. Although many people in Europe and the USA, where these unmanned aerial devices are frequently seen in the skies, have issues with drones and privacy invasion, people in Africa are waiting every day to see at least one of these devices flying towards them.

Africa’s Struggle with Health

Many places in Africa have poor health conditions with scarcity of water and food worsening the already bad situation. And the medical support have always been lacking. One of the most needed supply they have there are blood units, with which they can save hundreds of lives every day. Even common everyday needs in the hospitals and health centers like Terumo syringe disposable are quite limited.

In hospitals, only a few hospital bed are available for patients. Some have to bring their own cot or will have to share with other patients.

Certain procedures requiring uncommon medical items like a colostomy bag for intestinal issues, are resourcefully made with whatever they have available.

And the need for blood and transfusions also come with the need for materials to use in these procedures such as the tourniquet and intravenous sets.

These scenarios are common in several African countries.

Drone Delivery

Drones are usually equipped with cameras to take aerial photography. But this has been associated with negativity since it can breach a person’s privacy.

In Africa, however, drones are a symbol of hope. These controlled flying devices bring much needed medical supplies like the gauze pad sterile and other health gadgets like ear thermometer in lacking areas all over Rwanda. More importantly, this service has already provided 5,500 units of blood for those who need it in far-fetched areas that can’t easily be reached by medical teams. And the delivery time has been cut by almost 80%.

These deliveries, including the great number of people who have been saved, are praise-worthy. If only drones can carry much bigger packages like an oxygen tank, then it would be so much better.

For now, we hope many other organizations can step up and support this vision in order to improve the medical conditions not just in African but all over the world.

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