Triangular Bandage Cloth White


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Triangular bandages , made from a metre square of tetron that is cut in half diagonally. The bandage can be used in various ways as a sling or for immobilization of broken bones and soft tissue injuries. In the open form as a sling to support an upper body injury.

A triangular bandage is used as an arm sling or as a pad to control bleeding. It may also be used to support or immobilise an injury to a bone or joint or as improvised padding over a painful injury.

Also known as a cravat bandage, a triangular bandage is a piece of cloth put into a right-angled triangle, and often provided with safety pins to secure it in place. It can be used fully unrolled as a sling, folded as a normal bandage, or for specialized applications, as on the head.

Size: 41″ x 41″ x 60″

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