Wrist Splint, LP 725


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Product Description:

The wrist is greatly involved in our daily exercises. It can perform different subtle motions. However, the more complex the motion, the more complicated the potential injury. Continual movements or fast motions may lead to damage of the tendon and ligament.

Based on the fundamental theory of injury, LP SUPPORT’s R&D department created a method to release the burden on the wrist : using a wrap to alter the distribution of force, to stabilize the wrist and relieve pressure from the wrist. This method helps reduce the stress on the wrist caused by excessive motions.

Provides support for weak or stiff wrist. Aids in treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. “Spoon” stay may be removed as healing progresses for customized treatment.


Size cm or inches

Measure the circumference of your wrist.
S 14.0 – 16.2 5½ – 6⅜”
M 16.2 – 18.7 6⅜ – 7⅜”
L 18.7 – 21.3 7⅜ – 8⅜”
XL 21.3 – 23.8 8⅜ – 9⅜”

Adjustable design fits most body sizes.
Indication: Carpal tunnel syndrome; Colle’s fracture; Carpal bone fracture

Professtional level

Use professional level LP products for maximum support or stability. Extra rigid stays, adjustable straps or specific pads may be included to help effectively correct joint alignment, to absorb sudden impact, limit joint movement during rehabilitation, and prevent re-injury.

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