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SP-8800 provides simple & easy setup process with its numerical silicon keypad. Color LCD displays infusion information dramatically, shortcut key manages easy approach for frequent functions. K.V.O. rate, Purge rate, Bolus and Anti bolus can be setup as operating application.

SP-8800 Specification

1. Available Syringe size :10, 20, 30, 50ml sizes
2. Delivery Rate : 0.1~1200ml/h (depends on syringe size)
3. Delivery Limit : 0.1~1000ml
4. Accuracy: Mechanical (±1%), With syringe (±3%)
5. K.V.O. Rate : 1~10ml/h (Adjustable)
6. Purge Rate : 0.1~1200ml/h(Adjustable)
7. Bolus : 0.1~1200ml/h, 0.1~1000ml (Adjustable)
8. Anti Bolus : ON/OFF
9. Dimension : 220 X 130 X 108 (mm) / Weight : 3KG
10. Power : AC 110-220V, 50/60Hz or DC9.6V, DC 24V(1A)
11. Battery type : Ni-MH/ Operating time: 5hours (at 5ml/h)

SP-8800 Features

Alarm : Occlusion, K.V.O.( Infusion completion), Standby, Near empty, Low battery, Device malfunction(CPU error), Clamp/Handle lever/ Slider disengaged, Syringe disengaged

Special Function

Keypad lock, Shortcut key, Retain memory, Remaining time, Alarm repeat, Open system, K.V.O., Purge, Bolus, Anti Bolus, Occ. level, History call-back, Dosage mode(Option), Nurse call(Option), Profile(Option), Drug labeling(Option), Central system(Option)

SP-8800 Specialties

Color LCD with Numerical silicon keypad

Retain memory / Display remaining time

Dosage calculation (Variety units setup) – Option

Open system (Calibrate up to 10 IV set brand)

Adjustable for K.V.O. rate/ Purge rate/ Bolus

History call-back

Profile/ Drug labeling – Option

Central system (connect with main PC)/ Nurse call. Option

Made in Korea

Additional information

Weight 10 kg