Suction Reservoir Kit/Wound Drainage 100mL, NO BRAND


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Closed Wound Drainage System Silicone

100ml Silicone Reservoir Flat perforated + Torcar

Material: Medical Grade Silicone, Medical Grade silicone

1. Made of 100% imported medical-grade silicone.
2. This kit includes 100cc Silicone Reservoir, Various Drains Tube, Stainless Steel Trocar.
3. Used to remove blood and excess fluid from wound, so as to prevent or minimize hematomas and eliminate dead space.
4. Connectors can be equipped with fluted drains.
5.Used for various surgeries. such as Urological, Orthopedics, Radicla Surgery for Breast Cancer

Drain with trocar, Round spiral drain with trocar, Fluted spiral drains, Fluted drains – flat with trocar, Fluted
drained – spiral with trocars。
Vacuum Drainage System/Wound Drainage System/Wound Drainage Reservoir.
* Silicone Wound Drainage Reservoir is made of medical grade silicone includes 100CC Silicone Reservoir+ 7mm/100mm flat drains +  Trocar.
* It can be used separately or using Trocar for insertion and combining with silicone Reservoir for fluids suction and collection.
* Silicone Bulb Reservoirs are Latex Free construction, internal anti-reflux valve, silicone walls and clear reservoir and
graduation Silicone Drainage systems.

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