Powered Air Purifying Respirator, OTOS AIR WING III


Packaging : 2 box

  • Hood with headgear system
  • Breathing tube (connecting tube to blower)
    • Flowmeter
    • Air flow indicator
  • PAPR BLOWER, Blower assembly with filtration system, and low battery and low air flow alarms
    • Foam prefilter, HEPA filter , filter cover
  • Belt Assembly
    • Shoulder Strap
    • Snap
    • Link
  • Battery Charger
    • Battery Terminal
    • 120 volt AC Battery Charger
    • 120 volt AC Receptable
  • Battery (Rechargeable Lithium)
  • Shoulder Strap Cover
    • long plastic cover
    • short plastic cover
  • Hose Cover Plastic.


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Air Wing III PAPR System provides clean and fresh air by purifying contaminated external air in the workplace where harmful dust, fumes and respiratory disease occur. It has a special filter to provide clean air.

Made from KOREA

  • Air Cleaner

Workplace where odor is generated such as poor working environment, welding fume, harmful dust, harmful smell, prevention of pneumoconiosis and respiratory infectious The contaminated outside air in the place where the disease occurs, and provide clean and refreshing air.

  • Air Wing lll is powered air purifying respirator for welding. It provides clean and fresh air by purifying contaminated outside air as well as head and face in places where welding fumes, harmful dust, harmful odors, odorous workplace and respiratory infectious diseases occur.
  • Convenience – Convenient to work comfortably in the narrow space even at the waist.
  • Safety – Materials that are not easily broken or deformed even when subjected to strong impact from the outside are used, and the structure is designed so that users can work safely through the tests of international standards.
  • Usability – Easily interchangeable and replaceable hoods and internal filters for each working environment and Multilingual interface applied to users in many countries of the world.
  • Air Wing lll’ consists of body, dust filter, pre-filter and filter cover. Among them, the dust filter is a high-efficiency filter that can filter fine particles, and air can pass through it and can be filtered by welding fumes, harmful dust, various polluted materials, pesticide ingredients, and respiratory pathogens.

Hoods and Headcovers

  • Airflow range : 6 to 15 cfm (170 to 425 lpm)
  • Noise level :  Less than 80 dBA (excluding external noise)
  • Operating temperature range:  -10°C to 55°C  (14°F to 130°F)
  • Storage Temperature range :  -30° to 50°C  ( -22°F to 122°F)

Respirator Airwing 3 PAPR Blower

  • Size : 8.25 x 7 x 3.25 in.  ( 210 x 178 x 76mm )
  • Weight (with blower Assembly, filters , belt , shoulder straps and battery) : 48 oz.  ( 1362 g. )
  • Standard Air Filter :  Filter Assembly consisting of foam prefilter and particulate (HEPA) filter – All parts of the NIOSH-Approved PAPR / Approved to filter Particulate Down to 0.3 Micrometers in size.
  • Air flow :
    • Low Speed = 6.18+ CFM  ( 175+LPM )
    • Medium Speed = 6.89 CFM (195 LPM )
    • High Speed = 7.59 CFM ( 215 LPM )
  • Operating temperature : 23° to 131°F  (-5° to 55°C )
  • Storage temperature :  14° to 176°F  ( -10° to 80°C )
  • Battery type : Rechargeable Lithium
    • Battery Charging time : About THREE HOURS
    • Battery Life :  500 Charges – Run time dependent on air flow rate and filter load
  • Belt size :  28 to 55 in.  ( 711 to 1397mm )


  • Before use, the wearer must read and understand these User Instructions. Keep User Instructions for reference..


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