Measuring/Medicine Cup 30mL (Plastic)



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Medicine Cups Disposable 1 oz. Graduated

1 oz. = 30ml
100’s Pack

  • Medicine Cups are portion cups, soufflé cups, or measurement cups that are used for dispensing medications. They are small cups that often hold only 1 to 2 fluid ounces such as the Premier Plastic 1 oz medicine cups. They are manufactured with plastic
  • Pour the liquid medication into the cup to the desired level. With the medication cup on a flat surface, check the medication level by bringing your eye to the same level as the cup. Always measure the medication using the lowest point of the curvature, not the edges.
  • The medicine cups have easy to read measurements in tablespoons, teaspoon, drams, cc’s, milliliters and fluid ounces. These medicine cups measure 1 fluid ounce with a line for detailed pouring. The medicine cups are made from a translucent polypropylene plastic and are non sterile.

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