Nursing Care Training Mannequin/Manikin adult (Female Whole body) XC-401


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Product Name: Multifunctional Patient Care Manikin
Product No: XC-401
Material: PVC
This model is suitable for the health and nursing schools and medical schools at all levels for use in nursing teaching.
All the joints can move activity, the waist can bend, all parts are detachable.
The model is made of Semi-Hard plastic, material is durable, using conveniently, can execute a variety of training nursing and simple operation.
1) Face washing, body washing in bed
2) Oral cavity nursing, artificial teeth care
3) Simple tracheostomy nursing
4) Oxygen inhalation method (stuffy nose, nasal catheter)
5) Nasal feeding
6) Simple gastric lavage
7) Simple CPR press
8) A variety of simple puncture simulation: Pleural biopsy, the liver biopsy, kidney puncture, abdominal puncture, bone marrow puncture and lumbar puncture
9) Deltoid muscle injection, subcutaneous injection
10) IV injection
11) Venous transfusion
12) Intragluteal injection
13) Female Catheterization

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