Human Skeleton Model 180cm


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A life-size (168-170cm tall) Human Skeleton Model on stand ideal for teaching about the basics of the anatomy of the skeletal system.

The skeleton model is articulated to allow demonstration of basic movements, and features a vertebral artery and herniated lumbar disc (slipped disc). The skull part of the skeleton includes movable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines, and 3 removable lower teeth. It is a pelvic mounted skeleton and the arms and the legs are removable for study if required, and the skeleton can also be easily removed from its stand. It is also possible to hang this model from top of the skull if required (mounting not provided).

The XC-101 plastic skeleton comes with a stand and a clear dust cover included, and the 5 caster stand ensures a stable and movable base. A hard wearing and washable skeleton reproduction, ideal for schools and for introductory anatomy classes or demonstrations.

Features and Specifications

This adult life-sized skeleton is designed to be used by any student of anatomy from beginner to advanced, and can be used by medical professionals, teachers and artists.

  • This life-size articulated adult skeleton is ideal for the teaching of human anatomy.
  • Its spine is flexible, and once flexed, will remain in any position.
  • This can be used to show incorrect posture or other conditions.
  • The arms and the legs are removable for closer study.
  • The skeleton’s bones look and feel real, so it is perfect for doctors, artists, students, physios, chiros, etc.
  • It can be painted on, drilled through or dressed up with very little hassle.
  • Features nerve branches, the vertebral artery and a herniated lumbar disc.
  • The skull includes a movable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines and 3 removable lower teeth (three extra teeth are also added in case the first 3 are misplaced).
  • Made of washable, high-quality PVC and comes with a cover to shield from dust.
  • It can be mounted on the 40cm wide base and stand that comes in the package.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg