Macroset/IV Infusion Set (Adult), COSMED


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Intravenous (IV) injection or infusion.

This means they’re sent directly into your vein using a needle or tube.

With IV administration, a thin plastic tube called an IV catheter is inserted into your vein.

A collection of sterile devices designed to conduct fluids from an intravenous (IV) fluid container to a patient’s venous system; used for gravitational intravenous administration. Components: – Spike or perforator. – Air inlet with air filter and protective cap

An infusion set connects the insulin pump delivery device to your body. It works the same way as an intravenous line does. A needle is housed inside a cannula, a tiny plastic tube that is usually placed under the skin in the subcutaneous fat. This needle is necessary to puncture the skin to insert the set..

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