ECG Machine 3- Channel, EDAN SE-301


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The SE-301 3-channel ECG Machine incorporates both advanced technology and an innovative design in an ultra-compact and lightweight machine.

This machine is designed to provide effortless portability while still maintaining its superb quality.

The SE-301 ECG Machine weighs less than 1 kg but has a large storage capacity and a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The SE-301 ECG Machine features a high-resolution color touch screen, comprehensive filters, and anti-noise technology, and enhanced technical specifications that provide consistent, reliable signals.

The SE-301 has powerful external device support with two USB ports and one microSD card slot which support devices such as a linear/2D barcode scanner, external printer, USB memory drive or a microSD card.

Using LAN or the optional built-in Wi-Fi connection, the SE-301 ECG Machine can receive orders from the SE-1515 Data Management System and transmit ECG reports back for further analysis.


Ultra-compact and lightweight design

High resolution color touch screen

Comprehensive filters & anti-noise technology

Enhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal quality

12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display

Support linear/2D barcode scanner

Signal quality identification

Long time sampling

Large storage capacity

Support USB flash disk and micro SD card to extend memory

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

Bi-directional communication with SE-1515 Data Management System

LAN/build-in Wi-Fi (optional) connections

Multi-format reports export (optional)

Support external printer via USB port.


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Weight 10 kg