Carbon Dioxide Absorbent 18Kg. ATRASORB


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Atrasorb produces CO2 absorbents that are used in the medical field in procedures that require inhalation anesthesia.

After research and rigorous tests Atrasorb developed Atrasorb Pharma.

Atrasorb Pharma presents negligible powder dispersion and its semi-spherical pellets, when compressed in the canister, do not undergo preferencial channel formation, thus allowing a homogeneous CO2 absorption.

With the application of process, equipment and technology, Atrasorb Pharma has reached a high level of CO2 absorption compared to the competition.

This means money economy, due to its higher yield.

Another important characteristic is its proper humidity degree between 16 and 18%, which contibutes to humidifying and warming the inhaled air during anesthesia procedures.

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Weight 20 kg