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XC308 Human Brain with Arteries

1. Dorsal lateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere.
2. Medical and basal surface of cerebral hemisphere.
3. Brain stem
4. Cerebellum
Dissectible into 3 parts.

Made of PVC plastic. On base.
Size: Life size (18x14x13.5cm)

Model: XC308

The XC308 Human Brain Model features the cerebral hemisphere, brain stem, cerebellum. It also features the arterial supply of the brain from the vertebral, internal carotoid arteries, arteria supply of the cerebellum and cerebrum. Dissectable into 8 parts.

  • Life Size anatomy of Human Brain
  • Shows the sagital cut of the brain
  • The left brain half shows deep brain leaf
  • The outer side of the brain hemisphere shows the sulci, brain back and cerebral leaf
  • Sagittal sections of the middle of the brain shows the profile structure of the septum, cerebellum and brain stem.

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