Anti-Human Globulinpoly 10ml


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Anti-human Globulin 10 ml

EPICLONE Anti Human Globulin (AHG Poly)

EPICLONE Anti Human Globulin (AHG Poly)/ Coomb’s rgt. Contains a blend of rabbit polyclonal IgG and used to detect cells sensitized with IgG. 10mL

The antiglobulin test or Coombs Test, detects and identifies immunoglobulins bound to antigen sites of the red cell. The addition of anti-human globulin serum will cause their agglutination.

Anti-Human Globulin Anti-IgG is used for the indirect antiglobulin test to demonstrate the in-vitro coating of red blood cells with antibody molecules as in the detection and identification of unexpected antibodies as well as crossmatch tests.