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PEase of Use
With SNAPIT, anyone can snap open an ampoule without worrying about injuring themselves.
1. Insert the ampoule lid into Snapit
2. Snap open the ampoule
3. Eject the ampoule lid
It’s as easy as that!

Reduced Sharps Injuries

Most people who work with ampoules have suffered an injury from breaking an ampoule. Furthermore, the very sharp edge on both the ampoule and the ampoule lid when the neck of an ampoule is snapped off can cause serious cuts. Snapit reduces the risk of sustaining a sharps injury by keeping hands out of harms way.

  • Both hands are kept away from the ampoule neck where the glass breaks
  • The ampoule lid with the sharp edge is held inside Snapit until ejected into a sharps bin
  • Compatible with a Range of Ampoule Sizes
  • Snapit works with most common ampoules on the market.
  • An effortless open every time due to extended lever action
  • Cleanest possible open without scoring
  • Reusable and washable
  • No double handling
  • No stress on wrists when snapping off ampoule lid

Ampoule bulb size :
(Regular) 7.15mm to 9.75mm, 1-15ml
(Large) 9.70mm to 12.45mm, 5-25ml

Key Features:

Colourful lightweight plastc
Pocket Sized with keyring
FITS: 1ml – 15ml ampoules (guide only)

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