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WBC pipette accurate measurement, durable structure.

High grade industrial glass.

WBC ( White Blood Cell) Pipette

Pipette to dilute blood with a reagent. A devise offering a simplified technique for counting white blood cells, employing only a small quantity of reagent.

  • WBC pipette has white bead in the bulb and it has marking of 0.5, 1 and 11.
  • Helps in identification of pipette
    Helps in mixing of diluting fluid and blood
    To ensure dryness of pipette: Free mobility indicates a dry pipette
  • It is used wherever higher dilution is required Eg; High total leukocyte count and total sperm count
  • It can be used for eosinophil count, platelet count, sperm count. Cell count in CSF, pleural / ascetic fluid and RBC count in severe anemia
  • Cleaned by filling the pipette with distilled water and blowing it out twice. Finally, it will be filled with acetone and blown out. Acetone removes the water from it and dry it completely


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