Suction Machine Portable, TMS


Packaging: 1 box

  • Suction portable unit
  • Suction conductor
  • Suction Canister 1000ml.
  • Air Filter x 2
  • Fuse tube (RF1 Φ5X20/1.5A) x 2
  • Suction tube (for child & adult)
  • Instruction Manual


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Newly designed oil free lubrication pump.
Specially designed for absorbing thick liquids.
Used as an aspirator in the operating room or home patient care.
Main Technical Performance
Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 60 Hz±2%
Power: ≤90 VA
Max negative pressure value: ≥0.075MPa
Pumping Rate: ≥ 18L / min
Noise: ≤ 65 db(A)
Reservoir volume: 1000 ml, 1 piece.


The suciton unit is an electrical portable, low suction aspiration pump designed for the suction of phlegm, mucus and body fluids. The aspirator is ideal for use in hospital, nursing homes, home care and clinics. It is an oil free, diaphragm pump with flow rate of 18L/min.

It is designed with safety features. Thee unit is incorporated with an advanced overflow-protection device that prevents aspirated fluid from going into the machine. The waste fluid is drained into a 100ml autoclavable plastic bottle.

  • Intended for use by doctors, medical professionals, nurses and trained personnel for the aspiration of phlegm, mucus, and the other body fluid in low surgical procedures.
  • This is an oil-free lubrication pump, thus ensuring a clean environment
  • Lower noise
  • New style of the embedded liquid holder, square negative pressure meter, and full plastic housing
  • No positive pressure will be generated during running, to ensure reliable and safe operation
  • Negative pressure regulating system in step-less adjustment knob
  • Suitable for first-aid with portable features, due to its low volume, light weight, and compact size

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