Suction Machine Portable, INDOPLAS

Packaging : 1 Box

  • 1unit Suction Unit
  • Suction Connector
  • Air Filter
  • Fuse Tube
  • Suction tube
  • Suction Cannister 1000ml
  • Instruction Manual

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Portable Phlegm Suction Unit can be used for suctioning sputum and other thick secretions in hospitals, and may also be used for fist aid in the household. The machine adopts oil-free lubricating pump, avoiding the pollution of oil mist. The pump requires no daily maintenance and servicing. The overflow protection device in the machine prevents liquids from flowing into the pump. The machine is characterized with small dimensions, light weight and high mobility.

  • Suction Machine
  • Power voltage: 220v/60Hz
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • For use in bronchial and oral hygiene to provide effective airway clearance and control infection
  • Oil-free Pump
  • Heavy Duty
  • Power voltage: AC 220V
  • Negative pressure: ≥0.075Mpa
  • Suction rate: ≥19L/min
  • Negative pressure regulating range:-0.013 ~ -0.07MPa(490mmHg)
  • Suction bottle: 1000ml
  • Noise:≤65dB
  • Input Power: 150VA
  • Pump Structure: Self-lubrication without oil
  • Working type: Intermission