Sterilization Pouch Flat Roll 30M


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Sterilization pouches as a packaging solution for sterilization applications, ensure the protection of the medical device against contamination with bacteria and chemicals from the time of sterilization until use of the sterile medical device.

A sterilization pouch is a type of disposable use in conjunction with a sterilizing device, such as an autoclave, to safely and effectively sterilize precision equipment that must be kept clean and free of contamination.

A wide range of self sealing or heat sealing sterilization pouches and sterilization rolls with sterilization indicators for sealing dental instruments, files, burs and handpieces prior to autoclave steam sterilization.

Material Medical grade paper + medical high performance film  PET
Sterilization method Ethylene oxide (ETO) and steam.
Indicators ETO sterilization:   Initial pink turns brown.
Steam sterilization: Initial blue turns greenish black.
Feature Good impermeability against bacteria, excellent strength, durability and tear resistance.
Application Hospital, dental clinic and laboratory’s sterilization, medical device factory, nail & beauty supply.
Storage Store in dry,clean place with temperature below 25C and humidity below 60% is recommended


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