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SMALL = 13-14″

LP Support Open patella knee Brace provides firm compression and support for weak and injured knees
The open patella knee support allows space for the knee cap to protrude relieving pressure
Allows greater movement than a knee brace making it ideal for game day.

What injuries is this knee support suitable for?
The LP 708 Open Patella Knee Support provides compression and support for weak and injured knees. Helpful for postoperative knee problems, strains, arthritis and protection against abrasions.
It is also an ideal support to wear as protection against the possibility of future injury.

How does the LP 708 Open Patella Knee Support work?
This open patella knee support sleeve allows space for knee cap to protrude relieving pressure.
LP supports are made of the highest grade closed cell neoprene which retains theraputic body heat to stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing, and is covered with stretch nylon on both sides for added comfort. Neoprene is an excellent material for compression and heat retention which helps increase blood circulation and accelerate the healing process. AS blood circulates around the injury, nutrients are delivered which improves healing.
Machine wash in cold water.
25% nylon, 75% neoprene

What size do I need?
Measure around mid-section of the knee, while in a standing position

S = 13-14″

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