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Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser is ideal for developing, improving, and maintaining respiratory fitness. It has been scientifically constructed as a means of encouraging you to take a slow Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI). A Sustained Maximal Inspiration is vitally important to your general well-being. Deep breaths expand the small air sacs of your lungs and help clear the air passages of mucus. This, in turn, can help prevent the build up of fluid in your lungs.

Built-in Handle for Comfort
Compact Design
Show Daily Improvement
Graduated on Both Sides

An Incentive Spirometer (or Spiro-ball) is a small device which will help you to take long deep breaths. It is an important part of the Enhanced Recovery Programme in Lung Surgery. While you are at home waiting for your operation, you should learn to use it properly and practice regularly. Before your operation, it will help you to get your lungs expanding as well as they can. After your operation, it will help you to re-expand your lung, clear sputum and prevent you from developing breathing problems such as a chest infection.

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