Cane Single FOLDABLE (Black)


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Cane Adjusts 32″ to 36″ Take Apart And Fold Up !

This cane is amazing, its retractable and can be used my men or women, adjusts from 32″ to 36″.

Its lightweight and durable. Folds easily and can be taken anywhere. Has a comfortable handle that provides a sure grip.

For height adjustment, grip stick shaft with one hand whilst pushing the metal locking pin down with the other hand so the locking pin retracts fully into the shaft. Select required height by adjusting the top section of the shaft in an upwards or downwards motion and release the metal locking pin in front of the required hole position, prior to use.

Always, ensure that the locking pin fully protrudes from the selected position and by applying downwards pressure on the handle of the walking stick, test that the walking stick has been assembled correctly.

* Supports up to 200 lbs

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Weight 2.8 kg