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A pelvic binder is a device used to compress the pelvis in people with a pelvic fracture in an effort to stop bleeding.

The top treatment goals for a patient with a suspected pelvic fracture are reducing blood loss and rapid transport to definitive care. A pelvic splint or sling is the only treatment available for non-invasive prehospital care of a pelvis fracture.

Wrap and twist the two running ends of the sheet around the patient’s pelvis

A pelvic binder is used to reduce haemorrhage after a pelvic fracture. It is used in the majority of patients where a ring fracture to the pelvis is suspected by paramedics or physicians. A pelvic binder is recommended for open book pelvic fractures. It might not be useful in people with lateral compression pelvic fractures.

A pelvic binder can be applied by paramedic before a patient reaches hospital, or by physicians and nurses when a patient is seen in an emergency department. It should only be used short term.

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