Paratulle Grass Wound Dressing 10’s


Packaging: 10 Pieces/Box


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Paratulle consists of a leno-weave fabric of cotton or cotton and viscose, which has been impregnated with yellow soft paraffin. The dressing is used as a primary wound contact layer and the paraffin is present to reduce the adherence of the product to the surface of a granulating wound. Two formulations of Paraffin Gauze Dressing are described in the British Pharmacopoeia: they differ in the weight of paraffin base present on the gauze. Paratulle, which is an example of a `light loading’ product, contains between 90 and 130 grams of paraffin base per square metre of cloth. The alternative formulation bears a higher loading of paraffin, not less than 175 g/m ²

Indications : Paratulle is used as a primary wound contact layer in the treatment of burns, ulcers, skin grafts (both donor and receptor sites), and a variety of traumatic injuries.

Method of use: Paratulle is applied directly to the surface of the wound and covered with an absorbent pad held in place with tape or a bandage, as appropriate.

Storage:  Paratulle should be stored in a cool place.

Sizes: 10 cm × 10 cm*

Packaging : 10 envelops Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressing Gamma Irradiation Sterilized Antiseptic tulle grass dressing wounds Antiseptic tulle gras dressing for wounds. It contains Chlorhexidine Acetate, Soft Paraffin BP. It is a sterilized gauze use to treat for minor burns, Lacerations, Abrasions, Pressure sores, Leg ulcers, Skin loss wounds, cuts & Bruises, Donor and recipient after surgical procedures.

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