Padded Board Splint (Blue)


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A splint of wood, typically padded on one side and covered with plastic or cloth, to which an injured extremity can be fastened to immobilize it.

Padded Board Splint is constructed of a sturdy  with patient safe rounded corners,  foam on one side for patient comfort, covered and sealed with durable orange vinyl that can be easily cleaned for reuse.

  • stiff or flexible material applied to an anatomical part in order to protect it, immobilize it, or restrict its motion.
  • device for immobilizing injured parts of the body. A splint is applied to a fracture, sprain, or areas with extensive injury to soft tissues; it is also applied in cases of inflammatory diseases of the limbs, in cases of burns, and after surgery on bones, blood vessels, and nerves in the extremities. A distinction is made between transport and therapeutic splints.