Oxygen Regulator,152M GENTEC


Packaging: 1 Unit/Box

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Preset to 50 psi

Designed for medium duty gas welding, cutting and heating applications. These two-stage regulators provide precise and constant delivery over a wide range of inlet pressures. Ideal for laboratory, welding, cutting and many other applications.

Important Information!! Please Read First.!
Please read these instructions before using the regulator.
Please carefully make the connections at the Cylinder Valve and outlet connections.
Forcing the connection will strip the threads.
If there is an Adjustment Screw (Knob) which needs to be installed into the
bonnet, do not push hard on the screw when turning it into the bonnet or the
threads in the bonnet will be damaged (stripped).
For CO2 regulators that come with a CGA320 Inlet Connection, a washer is included
on the Inlet Stem (Nipple). The Washer must be used when the regulator is connected
to the Cylinder Valve or the connection will not be properly seated and may cause leaks.
Damage caused by not following instructions may void the warranty of the regulator