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Oxycan is Pure Oxygen in a Can !
Oxycan is a convenient way to get ample supply of clean
oxygen required for everyday body functions. Taking short
breaks with Oxycan helps you to:

Fight stress
Boost energy levels
Increase stamina and endurance
Aid immune system
Relieve hangover
Compensate for lack of sleep
Keep alert during long drives
Promote good blood circulation

Very safe to use! Oxycan comes with its own hygienic nozzle
so there is no need to share the breathing apparatus with
others. It is designed for everyday use at home, workplace or
the gym.

1. Remove small cap on the top of the inhaler
2.Take off inhaler and attach it to the nozzle of the can sideways
3.Place inhaler onto nose, and press the nozzle of the can to release oxygen
4.Inhale deeply as you press nozzle and keep the inhaler directed to the nose

Repeat the process as often as you want or as needed.

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