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A non-rebreather mask is a device used in medicine to assist in the delivery of oxygen therapy. An NRB requires that the patient can breathe unassisted, but unlike low-flow nasal cannula, the NRB allows for the delivery of higher concentrations of oxygen.

  • A non-rebreather mask is a medical device that helps deliver oxygen in emergency situations. It consists of a face mask connected to a reservoir bag that’s filled with a high concentration of oxygen. The reservoir bag is connected to an oxygen tank. The mask covers both your nose and mouth.
  • A non-rebreather mask is used in emergency situations to prevent hypoxemia, also known as low blood oxygen. Conditions that disrupt your lungs’ ability to uptake oxygen or your heart’s ability to pump blood can cause low blood oxygen levels
  • This mask is called “non-rebreather” because, when you’re using it, you’re unable to inhale anything you exhale. It allows you to breathe only pure oxygen. A non-rebreather mask typically delivers 70 to 100 percent oxygen
  • A rebreather mask has a plastic reservoir bag that saves one-third of a person’s exhaled air, while the rest of the air gets out via side ports covered with a one-way valve. This allows the person to re-breath some of the carbon dioxide, which acts as a way to stimulate breathing.

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