Muscle Kinesiology Tape 5cmx5m


Packaging: 1 Roll

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SPEED UP YOUR RECOVERY AND ENJOY FREEDOM FROM PAIN – recover faster due to increased blood circulation and reduced inflammation. The Kinesiology Tape is designed to move with you, stretching when you stretch and flexing when you flex while providing long lasting gentle support therapy and aiding blood circulation to promote faster healing.

INCREASE YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – enables your muscles to more easily get back to neutral shape and is designed to work with your body and flex with your muscles to support, not restrict the area. It also gently lifts the skin to promote better blood circulation for increased sports performance.

WATERPROOF & LIGHTWEIGHT – When properly applied, it can stay on through 3-5 days of showering, crossfit workouts, gym sessions and beyond. This athletic tape does not irritate skin, because it is hypoallergenic and latex free.

KINESIOLOGY TAPE special benefits:
• Drastically reduces pain and lets you enjoy activities previously avoided by your painful injury.
• Reduces recovery time after injuries by reducing inflammation, decompressing the affected area and increasing kinesio blood circulation.
• Protects your body from common sports injuries by allowing your muscles to get back to neutral shape more easily.
• Jump, squat, run Kinesiology Tape easily flexes together with you.
• Swim, sweat, shower – moisture won’t affect your waterproofed tape.
• Kinesiology Tape is safe, hypoallergenic and latex free. High quality cotton lets your skin breathe and will not irritate your skin.
• Easy to use. The included kinesiology physiotherapy taping guide helps you tape your body correctly.

Kinesiology Tape is perfect for young and old, professionals and amateurs, pregnant women, gym lifters, literally ANYONE with an active lifestyle!
Perfect for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Yoga, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Swimming, Athletics Well… You get it… Any sport!
Kinesiology Tape will help you with knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, arm pain, wrist pain, back and lower back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, foot pain, abdominal pain, pain in bicep, tricep, quad, calf, rotator cuff, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, achilles tendonitis, shin splits, hamstring strain, plantar fasciitis and much more!

2 way Kinesio Sports Tape
Color Pink and Blue
Width: 5cm (2″)
Length: 5m

4 way Kinesio Sports Tape
Color Pink and Blue
Width: 5cm (2″)
Length: 5m