NAR Medic / Trauma Sheet Bag CCRK BAG ONLY, 80-0067


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Easy Access…Easy access to life-saving equipment is what North American Rescue’s Trauma Sheet is all about. “Easy access” means this versatile, rugged, lightweight equipment access platform can streamline the management of combat casualties during CASEVAC operations.“Easy access” includes visibility: Our gear bag has clear windows.“Easy access” includes stability: The Trauma Sheet has quick-attach-and-release straps allowing it to be secured to the skin of an aircraft or vehicle until it is needed.“Easy access” includes convenience: Our Trauma Sheet has rugged, oversized pockets and large grommet attachment points for quick setup and equipment retrieval under stressful conditions. Plus, the Trauma Sheet comes empty so contents can be customized to a medic’s specifications.“Easy access” includes size: The bag opens to a useable 41.5 by 21.5 by 5 inches and weighs only 4.5 pounds.“Easy access” is what medics want, so “easy access” is what North American Rescue gives them.

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