Mayo Stand with Tray (2 wheels) Stainless


Packaging: 1 Set

  • 1 Mayo Stand
  • 1 Mayo Tray


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    This professional-grade Mayo Stand measures 13″ x 19″ and includes a removable, adjustable-height stainless steel tray.
    Tray raises up to 52″ high and features chrome plated swivel casters for easy maneuverability.
    The Mayo Tray is constructed of a powder coated aluminum frame with a stainless steel tray.

    • Mayo stands are portable instrument stands with a tray on top used to hold surgical instruments and materials during operating room and in-office procedures.
    • Mayo stands provide a convenient location which can be sterilized and positioned close to surgical sites without getting in the way.
    • The instrument tray is usually removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Mayo stands have been a staple of surgical facilities, medical offices, and dental clinics
    • 8 Benefits of Mayo Stands in Operating Rooms
    • Mayo tray Size:Size: L:16″ x W:12″

    1.Minimizing Wasted Space in the Operating Room

    2.Mobility and Convenience

    3.Customizable Organization

    4.Increased Operating Room Efficiency

    5.Surgical Ergonomics



    8.Durability and Reliability

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