Laryngoscope 4 Blades Conventional, OLTEN


Packaging: 1 Set

  • 1pc Standard Battery Handle
    1pc BLADE # 0
    1pc BLADE # 1
    1pc BLADE # 2
    1pc BLADE # 3
  • 1case


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A conventional laryngoscope is the viewing instrument most commonly used for tracheal intubations. The handle contains batteries, a light source, and a set of interchangeable blades that are either curved or straight in design. The Macintosh blade is the most popular of the curved blades, and the Miller blade is generally the preferred type of straight blade.

Laryngoscope Macintosh Blades Conventional

  • Mac 0
  • Mac 1
  • Mac 2
  • Mac 3

The Miller Laryngoscope Blade is the most popular of the straight laryngoscopes. The side of the flange is reduced to minimize trauma and the curve at the beak or tip is extended to improve lifting of the epiglottis. These improvements facilitate greater exposure of the larynx in difficult-to-intubate patients.

Laryngoscope Miller Blades Conventional

  • Mil 0
  • Mil 1
  • Mil 2
  • Mil 3