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The Dura Soft Hot & Cold Gel Pack is a reusable, multi-purpose gel pack for the relief of muscular and joint aches and pains. The Hot and Cold Gel pack is an economical treatment option that can be reused for multiple forms of therapeutic relief. Helping to alleviate pain from sports and exercise, this gel pack is ideal for those looking to use hot and cold therapy to treat injuries at any stage.  For hot therapy, simply put the gel pack in the microwave for 30 seconds at low power or submerge in hot water (up to 80ºC) for at least 10 minutes.   To use the packs for cold therapy, simply place in the freezer at least 10 minutes before use, making it a speedy alternative to other ice-packs that may require a longer cool down time.

  • Suitable for both cold and hot therapy (Acceptable temperature:-20~100°C)
  • Remains soft and flexible after freezing, even in temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Retains heat or coolness for a minimum of 45-60 minutes.
  • Reusable

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