High Flow Nasal Cannula, RESPISENZ


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A non-invasive respiratory support, connected to the oxygen delivery system, designed to deliver high flow of blended air and oxygen through the nasal interface. This device is capable of delivering up to 100% humidified and heated oxygen at a flow rate of up to 60 liters per minute.

Features and Benefits

  • Prongs are made from silastic material, designed with larger cavity to reduce nasal resistance, obstruction and to ensure the stability of airflow pressure.
    Patented adapter that swivels 360° to ensure kink resistance.
    Flexible tubing with silicone material, especially designed to address water condensation.
    Connector with multi-diameter interface for connecting different sizes of tubing.
    With Fisher & Paykel third generation pipe joint for compatibility connection.

Key Advantages

  • Non-invasive, decrease the need for tracheal intubation, cost-effective and non-traumatic to the patient.
    Reduce the need for invasive ventilation and escalation of therapy.
    Reduces anatomical dead space.
    Ensures delivery of dynamic positive airway pressure, reducing inspiratory effort and work of breathing compared to standard oxygen therapy.
    Nasal prongs are gentle on the nose: improves patient comfort, compliance and tolerance to therapy.

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