Glucose Meter with Strips (50’s), SINOCARE


Packaging: 1 Set

  • Glucose Meter
  • User Manual
  • Lancing Device
  • AAA Alkaline batteries x 2
  • Pouch
  • Strips x 50’s/Box



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Sinocare Safe-Accu 2

Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Red/Green indicator light High/Low reading

  • Automatic Strips Ejection
  • FAD-GDH System
  • 0.6 µ l Blood Sample
  • Easy Operation

Only use Safe- Accu 2 blood glucose test strips
Please read the User Manual carefully before use.
For in vitr0 diagnostic use only.

Safe Accu2 is intended for IVD testing the blood glucose in the fresh whole capillary blood and vein plasma; for medical institutes’ fast testing of blood glucose; for diabetics and other groups’ blood glucose monitoring.

  • Features (Technical advantages)1) FAD-GDH system : It is not easily affected by oxygen molecule in the blood.2) User-friendly operation system: no coding & automatic test strip ejection in the management of diabetes.


  • Sinocare Safe-Accu 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips 50’s
    • 0.06uL Blood Sample
    • Automatic applying blood sample
    • Accurate test result
    • Temperature for Test 10 Degree to 35 degree

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