Electro Surgical Pencil Disposable, ORMED


Packaging: 1 Piece

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  • 1pc/pouch
  • Standby mode 220V 50Hz
  • 2,9m Nonshielded
  • Climatic Condition 22°C
  • Relative Humidity 55%

This Disposable Electrosurgical ESU Pencil or electric surgical pencil is a disposable product, where the function of this tool is to cut/cut the skin and coagulate blood (coagulation) in a molopolar (small/narrow) way in open surgery. This Electrosurgical Pencil is compatible with all electrodes, and this disposable electrosurgical esu pencil already uses a gold plate plug connector so it conducts heat better and faster. Suitable for gynecological surgery, neurosurgery, stomatology, endoscopy and general surgery.