ECG Electrode Clamp (4’s)


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  • 4 pieces ECG Clamp


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This product can only be operated by medical professionals with professional qualifications. Please do not mix different types and brands of electrodes. Mixed electrodes may lead to larger baseline drift or longer baseline recovery time after defibrillation. It is prohibited to use different metal electrodes, otherwise it will cause high polarization voltage. At least every 2 hours, check whether the lead wire and the electrocardiographic electrode are loose. The continuous lead line and ECG electrode should be correctly followed according to the instruction manual. It is strictly prohibited to use simultaneously with MRI equipment, otherwise it may cause burn. When connecting the defibrillator, the distance between the electrodes of the patient and the electrodes of the defibrillator should be kept as far as possible. Otherwise, it may cause burns between the electrodes and the contact parts of the patient when discharging. Please refer to the operation manual of ECG monitor or ECG machine.

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