Urine Bag for Travel (4’s)


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Product Packaging:PE
Capacity:700 Ml
Product Material:Polymer Water Absorbing Resin

1.Unisex Design:Disposable Urinal Bag For Unisex Design.It Could Absorb Urine, Vomit Or Other Liquid Waste And Turns It Into Odorless, Spill-Proof Gel.
2.Sanitary Disposable Urine / Vomit Bags With Unisex Design For Anyone(Adult/Children/Elderly) To Use Easily. Ideal For Traffic Jams, Motion Sickness Of Seasick, Airsick And Carsick, Impaired Mobility, Kid’S Pee In Public Places, Potty Training, Camping, Hiking,Etc.
3.Gel Crystals Make The Urine Go Solid In An Instant, No Leaking, Sealable Even Upside Down.
4.It Is Made Of Premium Non-Woven Fabrics, And PE. Hygienic, Odorless, Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly .
5.Portable Enough To Fit In Your Pocket Or Vehicle Glove Box. Compact And Disposable,Convenient For You To Use.

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