Diff Quick Cell Stain 500ml., BASO


Packaging: 1 Set

  • Diff Quik Fix 500ml.
  • Diff Quik I 500ml.
  • Diff Quik II 500ml.

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Hematology Stains detect abnormalities in the blood.

The DiffQuik stain consists of a fixative agent (methanol), solution I (eosinophilic) and solution II (basophilic).

Diff-Quik Stain is mainly used for blood cell smear, bone marrow smear, vaginal discharge (gynecological vaginal discharge) smear, exfoliated cells smear staining.

The Diff-Quik Cell Stain is a high quality, rapid turnaround time staining kit that serves many purposes in the cost-conscious laboratory environment.

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