Dental Saliva Ejector, (100’s)


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World Work saliva ejectors are characterized by their high flexibility and total lack of bottlenecks, guaranteeing a high filtration capacity. The result is safe and simple shaping and easy adaptation to any kind of mouth, with the full assurance that its shape will be maintained.

Dental saliva ejectors remove unwanted saliva and other fluids from a patient’s mouth during dental treatments. These ejectors are standard in just about every operatory, and are available in a range of configurations. The ejectors themselves are tubes with an open tip that attach to an SE valve that in turn attaches to the vacuum line on the delivery system. These tubes can be disposable or reusable and are available in a range of shapes and flexibilities. The valves should be durable and are usually made of stainless steel. In all cases, proper asepsis protocols are critical when it comes to your saliva ejectors and parts should be properly sterilized or disposed of in order to ensure the safety of your patients and your clinicians.



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