Dental Denture Brush


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A denture brush is made especially for cleaning dentures and is slightly bigger than a regular toothbrush. It typically has:

  • Two different brush heads
  • Bristles designed especially to fit the shape of a denture
  • An ergonomically designed handle

The bristles on denture brushes are firm but not hard and this allows for proper cleaning in and around clips, crevasses and anywhere else bacteria can form.

Two Brush Heads for More Efficient Cleaning

Unlike a regular toothbrush, a denture brush is designed with two brush heads that serve different, yet equally important, purposes.

  • The flat head is best used on smooth, convex surfaces
  • The tapered head should be used to clean those harder-to-reach areas

This comprehensive design allows denture-wearers to clean out all the areas where bacteria might collect, protecting their remaining teeth and avoiding serious oral problems such as bad breath, gum inflammation and chronic health conditions.

Whether you have full or partial dentures, a denture brush is the best option because they are designed to be:

  • Easier to grip
  • Less tiring to use
  • Easier to control

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