Clinical Centrifuge, DIGISYSTEM


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Medical equipment and Hospital equipment table top centrifuge.
Simple mode and easy use
Econamic price
Made in Taiwan

Table Top Centrifuges are widely used in many fields such as biology, medicine, pharmacology, laboratory, and other regions.
Table Top Centrifuges are small, compact, strong and easy and safe for operation.
The max. Speed of Table Top Centrifuge is 3000 rpm at 60 Hz.

The design is up-to-date, beautiful outlook and durable.
The speed and time of Table Top Centrifuge are adjustable.
ABS outer shell can resist collision.
Brushless, free maintenance.
Table Top Centrifuge could accommodate 7ml, 10ml, and 15ml centrifuge tubes without changing the rotor. (7ml tube adapters are optional accessory)
With safety switch, when cover is opened, the motor can be stopped.
Speed is linear and stable.
Auto-balancing system.