BP Digital Arm w/ Adaptor, SURE-GUARD


Packaging: 1 Box

  • Digital Monitor
  • BP digital cuff Standard Adult
  • Adaptor
  • Manual

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Sure-Guard Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm-Style)AS-35E

  • Digital blood pressure monitor

How to Use

  • Easy To Use: 1. Fitting the arm cuff. Take off thick clothes, wear thin clothes or unclothe your upper arm for measurement. Lay the cuff on the upper arm. Turn the palm of your hand upward. Put one side of the cuff (with Velcro) through the metal ring to form a cylinder. 2. Adjust your sitting posture. 3. Taking a measurement. Press ON/OFF button to power on, the pump starts to inflate the cuff. After having reached the anticipated value of inflation, the monitor starts to deflate automatically with a constant speed to detect your blood pressure and pulse.


  • Clinically accurate performance
  • Fully automatic
  • Comfortable cuff
  • Big LCD Screen
  • 60-120 Memories
  • Date and Time Display
  • Motion Detection

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