BP Aneroid Desktype, TOPCARE


Packaging: 1 Box

  • Aneroid Sphygmo
  • BP Cuff with inflation
  • Spiral Tubing
  • BP bulb
  • Manual



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  • Square shape 145mm x 145mm dial
  • Gradient adjustable for easy reading
  • Standard cotton cuff
  • 2 Tube extra thick adult latex bladder
  • Extra thick latex bulb
  • Air release valve with spring
  • Standard end valve
  • Spiral PVC tubing (1.8m)
  • NO Stethoscope

Blood Pressure is a measurement of the pressure of the blood flowing against the walls of the arteries. Arterial blood pressure is constantly changing during the course of the cardiac cycle. The highest pressure in the cycle is called the systolic blood pressure, the lowest is the diastolic blood pressure ; the both readings are necessary to enable you to evaluate the status of your blood pressure. Many factors such as physical activity, anxiety, or the time of day, can influence your blood pressure. Blood pressure is typically low in the morning but high from afternoon to evening. It is lower in the sumer but higher in the winter.

  • Professional Quality
  • Large Aneroid Gauge
  • Desk type
  • Latex Free Inflation System

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Weight 4.5 kg