Bath Sitz Tub


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  • Zitz Bath Tub
  • 2 Liters Pouch

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Comfort Sitz Bath Tub

The tub fits all brand of toilet stools available in the world.
Attached with a hot water bag and connecting tube, the bath water can be kept hot throughout the time of sitz.
The device has been found very useful to patients with anal or perineal wounds which often require hot sitz bath to promote local blood circulation and the process of healing.


  1. To lift up the sitting pad of the toilet stool and fit the tub onto the enameled surface of the stool.
  2. To pour 4 pink (around 2000c.c|) of 46°C hot  water into the tub then fill the plastic bag with the same amount hot water, and place the bag on the cover of the water tank.
  3.  To loose tube clamp about one minute after starting sitz bath, so the reserved hot water will continuously drain into the tub. (The over-filled water will automatically drain into toilet  through outlets of the tub.
  4. After using, empty, rinse and dry Sitz Bath
  5. Sit on Sitz Bath for time prescribed by doctor or nurse.

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