Basket Stretcher

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Packaging: 1 Unit

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* It is sturdy and flexible to use.
* It is ideal for lifted and transported by helicopter.
* It can be disassembled into two parts, easy to carrying and storage.
* Adjustable feet-securing mechanism, two safety belts and a mattress.
* Quick reliable fitting enable first-aid person to operate it rapidly and safely.
* Designed for special emergency situations, such as mountains, air and sea.
* Materials are non-toxic,non-polluting,fire-proof, wear-resistand & anti-corrison.

The innovative basket stretcher features a flexible and sturdy design for applications during emergency situations and for use in various aids in special situations. The basket stretcher contains reliable fittings which enables a fast, safe and easy operation by the first-aid personal. The special sling attached to the basket makes it ideal for lifting and transporting by helicopter. Basket stretcher is designed to be secured inside the helicopter, features adjustable feet-securing mechanism and safety belts.