Why Taking the Hepa A Test HAV (IgG/IgM), SD Bioline is Important

There are many laboratory tests that people should not skip out on, especially when they are experiencing signs and symptoms of serious diseases. And one test that people should place particular attention on is the Hepa A Test HAV (IgG/IgM), SD Bioline, as well as the Hepa B Test. Why? As much as diabetics monitor their blood sugar through blood glucose monitoring devices frequently, many should also check their antibodies against Hepatitis A and B to prevent contracting the disease.

Let us learn about these diseases now so we will know how important taking the Hepa test and being vaccinated against it is.

Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by the Hepatitis A virus.
  • It is a communicable disease that can be transmitted from one person to another through the oral fecal route or by consuming contaminated food or water.
  • It is self-limiting and does not lead to chronic infection.
  • Its symptoms include stomach pain, fatigue, nausea, low appetite and jaundice.
  • Vaccines against Hepatitis A virus is the best way to prevent having it.

Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis B is a more serious infection of the liver that can cause scarring of the organ, liver failure and even cancer.
  • It can be transmitted to others by coming in contact with an infected person’s blood, open sores and other body fluids.
  • Its symptoms include jaundice, fever, fatigue, light-colored poop, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.
  • It is potentially life-threatening and does not have a cure.
  • It usually goes away after a few months if an adult contracts it.

While Hepatitis A is not a serious disease, its B counterpart can be fatal. This is why people should take the Hepa B Test (HBsAg), SD Bioline and know whether they have antibodies that can fight off the disease and not suffer the dangerous symptoms and complications.

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