Where to Find Medical Supplies, such as the Ear Thermometer, SURGITECH ET-101H, for Your Personal Needs

Wouldn’t it be good to have a complete set of medical items, such as the ear thermometer SURGITECH ET-101H, and especially a first aid kit, at home? With the right knowledge and skill in using such items, you can save a life in emergency situations without the need for medical assistance, which can sometimes arrive too late.

But where can you get such supplies, when you have so many competition, like medical students and professionals, in getting them? Many medical supplies stores easily get their items out of stock, which means you have to wait until they’re available again. And, sometimes, it takes weeks to months before the item you need is restocked.

Fortunately for the average Joe, Philippine Medical Supplies always have what you need on hand. And they can deliver the items right at your doorstep.

Now, what items should you have ready for any medical emergency at home?

Medical Items You Should Have On Hand

Have you ever been in a medical situation where you feel helpless because there is nothing you can do but wait for an emergency team to arrive? Don’t put yourself in the same position again.

Simply by having the right knowledge and the appropriate items and devices, you can do something to save someone. And these medical supplies would include:

  1. First aid kit, complete with monitoring devices such as the ear thermometer and BP apparatus.
  2. Warm compress and ice bag.
  3. Antiseptic solution and sterile wound dressing.
  4. IV kit, tourniquet (CAT) and plain NSS.
  5. Emergency medicines.

Apart from these emergency supplies, it will also be useful to have devices on hand that can help in specific conditions that any family member is suffering from. For instance, if someone has asthma, having a nebulizer at home is essential. Or if someone needs physical therapy, a black box stimulator will be quite handy.

It is important to know the conditions of each family member as well as those that you are predisposed to so that you can be better prepared. Also, equip yourself with the knowledge on treatment and first aid management so you can deliver the right care. Don’t forget to call your doctor immediately if something untoward happens.

Now, all you have to do is visit Philippine Medical Supplies and look for the things you need so you can have them delivered to your home. Expect a hassle-free transaction when you do so.