From a Specimen Cup to A Clear Diagnosis

Urinalysis is a process where urine is processed and tested in order to determine and diagnose urinary system related disorders and diseases. In order to accurately test urine, you have to place your urine sample in a specimen cup and then send it to a medical technologist for testing. So how do they test urine and what tests does it undergo?

Collection of Urine

For normal people, they can just simply do the aforementioned way. For people who can’t stand up or cannot urinate properly, a nurse can collect it using a foley catheter that is inserted in a person’s bladder. This might sound painful, but lubricating jellies are used to, of course, lubricate the tube that is inserted in the urethra in order to avoid pain. The urine collected is placed on a urine bag and a portion of it will be taken to a laboratory for testing.

Different Urine Tests

There are many tests that urine will go through. Some of which are color testing, transparency testing, specific gravity testing, biochemical testing and microscopic examination.

The color and the transparency tests are based on visual observation of the sample. Usually, urine should be transparent and straw yellow in nature. Other colors may be caused by medications, dietary sources, or diseases.

Specific gravity is the measure of concentration of dissolved solutes in urine. The result from this test reflects how well the kidney is concentrating urine.Biochemical testing is done using reagent strips such as the biostix 4sg. The use of this strip can determine Ketones, Glucose, Protein and pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen, and Specific Gravity levels in urine.

Microscopic examination refers to the test that determines whether microscopic organisms are the cause of the diseases and disorders of the urinary system. A well-known disease linked to microorganism infection is Urinary Tract Infection or U.T.I.Urinalysis is a part of the routine tests that determine the state of our well-being. Getting tested ensures that we are healthy and free from varieties of diseases and disorder linked to the urinary system such as kidney problems, U.T.I. and many more.

If you have constant abdominal or back pain, experience excruciating pain when you urinate, observe the presence blood in your urine, or other urinary problems, a doctor would most probably advice you to undergo urinalysis.

Being healthy is all that we want. We all want to live a long life. And in order for us to do that, we also need to do our part. We need eat healthy, protect our body from diseases by taking vitamins, and of course keep our body fit by exercising. Another way to do that is simply by having medical checkups and undergoing routine tests.

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